The contamination of our atmosphere, the ecological disasters, the deforestations, the extinction of our species and the pollution in our cities are just some of the great problems facing our planet. The growing deterioration of our environment is a cause of concern not only to the scientists dealing with the problem but to all mankind. In spite of all the important technological changes that we have achieved in the last few decades, man continues to be dependent upon nature.

For this reason, a change of mentality is necessary, in order to counteract the current process of pollution and the destruction of our existing resources. In order for all human beings to become aware of the problem, they must be acquainted with and be totally informed of the pollutant actions deriving from their customary activities and, on the other hand, every person, within his or her place in society, must
contribute, at least with small actions within their daily lives to reduce the deterioration in our environment.

Only in that way, will we be able to achieve the respect and preservation of our biological diversity and attain a sustainable and equitable development.


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